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Good news | Sunflux won the recognition of the first equipment (set) in China
Release time:2021-01-05

Recently, the Department of economy and information technology of Zhejiang Province and the Department of Finance jointly announced the "first (set) product in key areas of equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province in 2020". Sunflux independently developed "g8.5/8.6 generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED sputtering coating equipment" was recognized as the first (set) equipment in China.


This is an important milestone in the company's commitment to high-end equipment science and technology innovation for many years。



The g8.5/8.6 generation TFT-LCD and AMOLED sputter coating equipment has completed a number of pioneering technical work in terms of core coating source, coating process, large-size ultra-thin glass transmission system and intelligent control system. The main technical indicators meet the production requirements of high-performance display panels.



In the future, the company will continue to focus on technological innovation, strengthen product iteration, and work with partners to promote the independent development of the pan semiconductor industry.