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Sunflux • the first generation 8.6 new display PVD equipment was delivered smoothly
Release time:2019-05-08

On may7,2019, the first generation 8.6 new display PVD equipment for Sunflux Electron was successfully delivered.



The 8.6 generation array PVD equipment independently designed and developed by Sunflux has a maximum glass substrate size of 2250mm× 2600mm, using the rotating cathode coating technology, the film thickness non-uniformity can be achieved < 5%, target utilization > 80%。 The equipment has obtained 11 domestic technical patents and has the advantages of advanced production process, stable performance, simple operation and low maintenance cost. The R & D of the equipment has been supported by the equipment localization project of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology.



China has become the largest market for display equipment in the world. Strengthening the localization of key process equipment such as magnetron sputtering PVD is the key to enhance the competitiveness of China's display industry. The delivery of Sunflux 8.6 PVD equipment will further promote the process of equipment localization and help to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of China's new display industry!