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Rotating cathode


1、suitable for large area magnetron coating equipment supporting Parts

2、planar cathode upgrade transformation

Equipment specifications:

Model SF-125CRC-125L SF-125RC-384L SF-125RC-117L
  Compactinner-mounted end head Generalouter mounting End head Specialouter-mounted end head (Magnet band scan)
Describe The compact end vacuum interior design can maximize the uniform coating area of the substrate, and is widely used for planar cathode transformation and PVD equipment matching. The general vacuum outfit design at the end is convenient for installation and maintenance, and maximizes the width of the substrate. It is widely used for single cavity coating and winding plating equipment. End vacuum outfit design, magnetic field independent motor control scanning action, dedicated to deal with static coating system, widely used in flat panel display industry.



Equipment Advantages:

1. Suitable for Ito, SI, Mo, AZO, I-zno, W, AL and other target material coating

2. Target Material Utilization ≥75%

3. Coating uniformity ≤±5%

4. Maintenance Cycle 6 months

5. Special Contour Dimension Design: Suitable for all kinds of working conditions, compact and maximum coating uniformity area

6. Optimization of innovative magnetic field design: Target magnetic 500-1000GS manual adjustable, uniformity ≤±5%

7. Unique water Cooling design: drainage can be completely emptied

8. Drive system focused on the end of the side, the other end of the support side, easy to install and maintain

9. Real-time fault protection system